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Purple Corn Juice

Purple Corn has always baffled scientists and even the ancient royalty of Peru centuries ago--why the purple color and since when did it turn purple? Well, the why has been answered--it is due to the rich anthocyanin count in the plant, anthocyanin being the pigmentation responsible for the deep purple color. But the when?

One article has it that the enigmatic purple corn has been here even before man fell in Eden. It's the original corn God created, the article boldly claims, and only pollution probably turned it to white. But it has been preserved in Peru.

Whatever the reason, purple corn with the powerful anthocyanin grows only in the high mountains of Peru and along its coastlines. You may have purple corn also growing in your locality but it likely does not have the 16.4 mg per gram count that our Peruvian purple corn boasts of. There's nothing like its anthocyanin count in the whole world! And you get it only from Peru. When buying purple corn juice, make sure it's sourced from Peru.

The anthocyanin count and the rich phytonutrients are what make this wonder all-natural juice from Peru (and now is in the Philippines) the best there is! That's powerful purple corn health, healing, and business!

The better than best part is...

...there's nothing like its succulent, rich, fruity flavor which is like a mix of sweet grapes, peaches, kiwi, and prune juice. A lot of health supplements are good, but you cannot enjoy them as a refreshing beverage. You cannot enjoy the "flavor" or "rich taste" of health supplements in capsule or pill form. You cannot prepare them iced and placed in tall glasses and sip with gusto. This deep blue super drink tastes so good you'd want to drink it again and again, forever! That's plenty of repeat orders--powerful purple corn health, healing, and business!

Everything in Purple Corn juice is natural (no preservatives, artificial food color, or chemicals), and even the sweetener is purely fruit based! It's safe even for kids.

So, whatever your health condition is, take this powerful grain juice regularly and start living a new healthy life! Now, you can literally drink corn!

Is Purple Corn Juice Safe?

Some folks ask if drinking purple corn juice is safe. I ask them if they drink softdrinks and synthetic powdered juices or eat canned food. If they do, then there's no reason why they should fear this super corn drink. If they can drink and eat poison (that's what softdrinks, artificial powdered drinks, other drinks with lots of white sugar and acid in them, and processed food are), then taking an all-natural super health drink should be safe for them.

Funny how people never ask themselves if synthetic food is bad for them, but fear eating real healthy food and raise such questions against it.


Lots of Antioxidants!

Being there on mountain tops suffering the burning heat of the sun's UV rays, and along the coasts where strong winds and salty breeze dominate, purple corn fought to survive by producing more antioxidants, transforming itself into a powerful corn, deep purple in color (thus its rich antioxidants), and all thanks to God's evolutionary process.

Nutrition and food experts say natural crops colored deep purple have tremendous amounts of antioxidants, anthocyanin specifically. And anthocyanin is one powerful antioxidant the nutrition world has ever met. The more purple color, the more powerful the food. Thus, purple corn is the most powerful food on the planet! Just look at this comparative study from Wiki (Scroll down the Wiki website till you see the table). The table shows Purple Corn as the champion in anthocyanin content.

So, what does this mean? It simply means purple corn can powerfully help prevent or heal even major diseases like cancer. And the good news is, you don't have to eat kilos of this corn! Just drink enough a day! And "enough" means you consume at least a liter a month. Purple corn juice makes it possible for you to be a mere gulp away from excellent health.

For Purple Corn Health, Healing, and Business

This amazing liquid health supplement can affect your overall health aside from empowering your cells to give you a strong immune system. In fact, it has a lot of health and healing benefits that it's difficult to remember them all. To easily remember some of the Purple Corn health benefits, just remember this doctor, Dr. Hhai, or...

D.O.C.  H.H.A.I:


Years ago, when my grandma was just a small girl, diabetes was very seldom heard of, if any. Today, almost everyone you meet gets the ailment at mid-life. Some get it earlier (even kids!), and patients queue up diabetes clinics more and more. Why? It's because so much of our food are chemical-treated. This is especially true with fast-foods.

But thank God for Purple Corn juice! Its anthocyanin can help strengthen our glandular system which affects the pancreas and how it normally secretes natural insulin. It also tones down obesity by keeping fat storage at normal levels, helping your body keep only the healthy proportion of fats. Less fats and normal body weight equals reduced chances of increased blood sugar levels.


If you are not obese and overweight, then you get lesser chances of getting seriously ill, like diabetes or cancer. However, there are unhealthily slim people who are also very sick, like those with TOFI (Thin on the Outside but Fat Inside), and thus being slimmer doesn't always mean good health. So the best thing here is to be slim in healthy ways, and one way is by regular intake of Purple Corn juice as a weight loss supplement. It gets rid of excess fats and keeps your body well proportioned. It's good for weight watchers and those who want to lose a lot of weight.

Anti-CANCER (C) 

With its rich antioxidant content, it is a powerful protection and remedy against cancer. It can help halt tumor and cancer growth and kill cancer cells because of its combined anthocyanin, and Vitamins C and E contents. Here in Manila, it's been instrumental to the cure of colon cancer.

Anthocyanin can help give off electrons to free radicals that lack them, neutralizing and making them harmless in the process. The more anthocyanins, the better the disarming of free radicals that destroy cells and the immune system. Thus, with such Purple Corn health benefits, you get all the anthocyanin your body needs to render free radicals useless.


Hypertension is among the deadly killers of our times. Youths in their early 20s get sick of it due to unhealthy lifestyles and eating habits. For some, eating junk and other unhealthy food is the only option, what with the kind of food offered in most fast-food, and because there's hardly any time to enjoy home-cooked food.

But thank God there is Purple Corn juice. It declogs blockage of the arteries or blood vessels that causes hypertension or high blood pressure. More importantly, it prevents LDL oxidation and keeps it from turning into bad cholesterol that serve as calcium deposits collecting on the walls of your arteries. LDL is there floating in your blood stream all the time, but they remain harmless unless oxidized by free radicals. m

What's more, anthocyanin easily liquifies harmful elements in your system so that they easily flush out through your urine, sweat, or bowel movement. Imagine fats and bad cholesterol being detoxed and flush out when you poo or pee. That's easy weight loss. But of course, health and weight loss is always a mix of enough exercise and healthy food, like purple corn.


Heart diseases and hypertension are the top causes of diseases related deaths. Don't be among the statistics: Enjoy Purple corn juice and the purple corn health, healing, and business!

Because this corn juice, with its antioxidants, micro nutrients, and Vitamins, keeps your circulation, cells, and blood vessels healthy, the heart is kept in tiptop shape, too. We all know how important the heart is in supplying nutrients, oxygen, and water (NOW) to your body organs to make them function well and keep you alive and healthy. Purple corn juice helps a lot in this.

Anthocyanin also helps keep your blood vessels healthy through its effect on vein elasticity. Collagen health is key to this. Your blood vessels are made more elastic and expandable through the health effect of anthocyanin on your collagen. This means reduced incidence of artery clogging.

Share the purple corn health, healing, and business to people with heart problems and you help them keep safe and moneyed.

Anti-AGING (A)

Because this natural food  gives collagen health and has super Vitamin E, it definitely delays aging. Most importantly, it gives you energy and vigor to enjoy an active life. Many who take this health drink attest to its tremendous energizing and invigorating benefits. In many studies, anthocyanin has been found to be quite effective for collagen health, aside from helping your body reproduce new and healthier cells--among amazing purple corn health benefits.


Inflammation  is a natural defense mechanism of the body to contain infection. But too much of it can also harm the body. Inflamed or swelling organs can lead to death, like brain swelling or heart enlargement.

Let's look at common illnesses suffixed with "itis" like sinusitis, bronchitis, tonsillitis, meningitis, and others. These are all inflammations, and neglecting them may lead to other infections or deadly diseases. But the good news is, purple corn juice is anti-inflammatory. It helps control inflammation so it won't go to dangerous extents. Again, Anthocyanin is the key to this health wonder.

Many More Purple Corn Health Benefits

We just shared 10 of many more health benefits derived from drinking this awesome health juice.  It's also effective against asthma, thyroid and goiter diseases, gland problems, the flu, colds and cough, fever, even Dengue fever, dangerous blood clots, blood flow problems, blood health problems, skin problems, digestion problems, acidic tummy, reflux, GERD, post nasal drip, and eyesight problems, to name a few more.

As more studies are done on this super blue grain, and as more people take it and enjoy the good results, the list on purple corn health benefits will go on.

Always opt for no less than Purple Corn derived from Peru--from the Peruvian mountains and valleys and coasts.

There are already many reported Purple Corn health and healing benefits in the Philippines and among them are the amazing reports on cancer, diabetes, and kidney diseases. They can be considered as nutritional miracles from God.


The first is on colon cancer. With just 4 bottles the cancer was gone. And the patient has been taking it since for continued healing. It is necessary to go on drinking the juice even when you are given a clean bill of health. It's no different to eating any food--you don't stop eating just because your tummy is full. You must keep eating to sustain your health. The same with drinking purple corn juice.


She was already injecting insulin when her friend recommended this powerful drink. After several bottles her blood sugar level normalized. She swears she's never had this good result before the purple corn. Her blood sugar would fluctuate now and then and it gave her a hard time. But purple corn juice, according to he4r,changed all that! And she's improved her weight, too.


This 30-year old woman suffered a terrible kidney disease due to the side effect from her diabetes medication. Both her kidneys were destroyed so that she could no longer urinate, move her bowels, stand, and much less walk. She was all bloated and black, near death.

Then she was given 50ml of purple corn juice. After 30 minutes she started urinating. Then she moved her bowel. She continued to drink the juice and after a few days was able to stand up and walk. She said she felt healed and very strong.


Another feature of this corn drink is its anti-aging benefit. And it's not just about skin beauty and wellness.Anti-aging delays the oxidation of your cells and body as a whole.

Aging makes our body frail and easily susceptible to sickness and disease. As we age our immune system weakens and our good cells lessen. Soon, our cells stop reproducing good cells and our immune system gives way and we die.

Anti-aging delays all that so that our life expectancy is somewhat extended. We have cell rejuvenation and our systems and organs become better functioning.

And among good anti-aging supplements is purple corn juice. If the youthfulness of your body systems are often refreshed, then you have better chances of licking deadly diseases like cancer, diabetes, and kidney diseases, to name just a few. This is definitely a purple corn health, healing, and business plus factor.

Do You Get Overdosed By Purple Corn?

No such thing as Purple Corn Juice overdose. It's food, not medicine. But it's wise to always drink just enough. Too much of anything is bad, they say. Well, too much of this health drink is bad for your wallet. But doing the business is the antidote.

Anyway, if you indeed get "too much" purple corn juice, you'd just eliminate it through urination. Natural food (especially organic vegetables and fruits) does not stay and collect in your body to clog up your systems the way chemical and synthetic food and medicines do. Their residues are easily eliminated through natural processes, like pooing and peeing. All-natural goes natural all the way!

Oh, by the way, Purple Corn is good for detoxification. That's purple corn health, healing, and business! There's nothing like it in the all-natural nutrition world.

Why Purple Corn Juice is Powerful?

It's called Anthocyanin--that micro-element in purple food crops, and other deep violet or blue colored vegetables and fruits, that makes this drink powerfully charged with health and energy boosters. Most folks who have had their first tall glass testify to its unique energizing and envigorating quality that makes you feel like you've just been recreated!

Why so? First, this super beverage is so rich in Vitamins C and E and in a way that is found in no other fruits or vegetables. In fact, its antioxidant capacity is better than these vitamins.

Second, aside from its many other phytonutrients, its anthocyanin content exceeds the count of even fruits deemed before as very nutritious. It has more anthocyanin than Acai, blueberries, or even chokeberries.

This unique juice affects your health on the cellular level.

Third, purple corn anthocyanin has good effects on all your body systems, being a cell protector and booster. It follows then that with healthy cells you get healthy tissues, healthy organs, and finally a healthy body.

Particularly, it protects your DNA cells from free radical damage. The healthier the DNA cells, the better your overall body health. When cells are destroyed by free radicals, they deform and mutate to form tumors and cancers, among other deadly diseases.

Being in liquid form, it is quickly absorbed by the body in its systems. Try letting it stay a while under your tongue for better absorption. That's purple corn health, healing, and business for you.


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JAKARTA888 said...

Purple Corn(Zea mays var. Kculli) must remember that its benefits were discovered by the Japanese (Tsuda and Dr Tanaka.) On Antioxidant purple color called: Anthocyanin, which is 7 cores; that assist in the treatment of Diabetes, hyper cholesterol, obesity among other ills, this natural product is originally from Peru, I invite you to know something more about purple corn and benefits, with medical and scientific thesis on:

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